Gotta’ love those lunch ladies!

5 10 2012

Just last week I received a special delivery. I was busy trying to get ready for our field trip (pics to come later) when Cindy appeared with this…..

Fresh pizza and roasted potatoes!

…..we’ll actually, it didn’t look half eaten then. It was hot out of the oven. The kitchen staff made a pizza with basil, garlic and tomatoes from the garden as well as roasted Maine potatoes using our garlic. Special delivery! WOW! They were amazing…..and to have this plate show up in my room as my mid-morning snack, I couldn’t ask for anything better. As you can see I barely remembered to snap a photo of my plate because I was too busy devouring the contents!

Thanks so much to the MVMS kitchen staff, they are truly great people to work with.  I know that many schools have kitchen staff that are not too thrilled with using school garden produce. Luckily, this is not the case here at MVMS.  The staff are excited when the kids show up with produce.  Thanks so much for all your support!




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