11 08 2012

So after our last trip to the garden we were left with two rows that had nothing in them. We had no seeds that we could plant at the time and no plants.  Hmmmmm, what to do?  Luckily, Leslie Kavanagh and Sally Sawyer over at Mountain Greenery in West Bethel were kind enough to donate some wonderful plants to our garden!  Some students and I worked to plant them in the rain (we weren’t daunted!).  Of course as soon as they went inside for a basketball break it started to pour and it stopped pouring as soon as they came back outside (so really I was the only one drenched 🙂 ).

Laying out the plants.

Laying out the plants.

After laying out the plants to make sure they all fit and looked good we went back and planted, mulched and watered them.

The newly planted row.

I also picked up the last two husk cherry plants that Mt. Greenery was selling and we got those in the ground too. Husk cherries are a type of tomatillo plant (I think they are also known as pineapple tomatillos). They create small yellowish fruits that are surrounded by a paper skin and according to my students taste like fruit punch.  We grew them a few years ago thanks to Ms. Farrington but hadn’t had luck with them since that harvest. Hopefully these will grow well and we’ll be snacking on them this fall.

Husk Cherries

All in all the garden is looking pretty good! By the time we get back to school it will look fantastic! One thing I noticed when I was taking pictures was that the buckwheat in the background was growing unevenly. Do you notice that the plants on the left are smaller than the ones on the right? They were all planted at the same time which leads me to believe that the soil on the left is worse than the soil on the right. Any other thoughts? Interesting.

Uneven buckwheat.

Thanks again to Mountain Greenery for graciously donating cosmos, peppers, tomatoes, dahlias and more.

Pretty purple ornamental peppers.

They are going to make our garden look more colorful and beautiful. We really appreciate your help!




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