Maine Open Farm Day

23 07 2012

Did anyone else know that today was Maine Open Farm Day? This is the first year I knew about it and decided to check out a few farms near my house. I would have loved to have gone to Thurston‘s but they are a little farther away.

Pleasant Valley Farm raises chickens and Haflinger ponies. They even had two of the ponies giving cart rides.

Haflinger pony

The other farm we visited was Harvest Moon run by Pat Verrill. Pat is a friend of our garden, having donated garlic to us a few years back. Her garden was amazing….I was in awe of how well it was kept and how beautiful it was.



Potatoes under row covers.

I had never thought of putting potatoes under row covers, but it might not be a bad idea since potato beetles are pretty nasty creatures and one of the reasons we haven’t grown too many potatoes at our garden. You really have to be on top of picking them, or they will decimate your crop.

Cucumbers growing UP in the greenhouse. Great use of space!

And last but not least was my son’s favorite part of the tour (ok, to be fair is favorite part was probably eating the peas and blueberries, but this was a close second!).


Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

Harvest Moon Produce




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