Tilling, planting and mulching….

11 07 2012

Wow, what a day! Special thanks go out to Ms. Belanger and Mac Davis who willingly volunteered their time to come help in the garden today. A beautiful day to be outside!!

We had part of our garden that wasn’t planted at the end of the school year, and being a new area it was already infested with weeds and grass. Mac Davis was so kind to come over and re-till it for us. We truly appreciate his help!

Tilling the garden.

Once he was done Ms. Belanger and I raked the soil to make raised rows, planted those rows with beans, carrots, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and kale. We even had two extra rows! For some reason, the space was a little larger than I remembered in my head!  I’m hoping to find some greenhouse cast-offs to fill those last two rows with. We then mulched the paths and the rows to help with weed suppression and to maintain moisture.

After tilling, raking, planting and mulching!

We also weeded the raised beds and planted some parsley and banana peppers. Ms. Belanger took the garlic scapes home to make some garlic scape pesto. Ms. McDonald brought out her summer school students to see the garden and get an update on what they could do to help.  A few of us sampled some peas, yum.


Another exciting project is underway in the garden….the shed is coming! Region 9 built us a wonderful shed this year. When I arrived at the garden I saw this…

Future shed site. Concrete form…..just waiting for the concrete!

Our amazing custodians are waiting for some concrete to be poured and then they are going to go get the shed. It is going to look and be amazing. I can’t wait to have everything in one organized space! Thanks so much to Bruce, David, Brandon and the crew for working on this new development!




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