6 06 2012

We have had lots of rain. As you can see here, our newly built but not yet used bean hole pit is FULL of water. Sad! Hopefully it will drain out before the debut on June 12th for our River Valley Celebration Day. Come see what our students have been up to, tour the garden, taste the bean hole beans and get a free local foods lunch….burgers, beans and greens! A fabulous way to spend a Tuesday (10:30-12:30).

Today the science students were gathering data to answer the question, what lives in our school yard? While they observed different areas of the school yard small groups helped in the garden. We weeded a few beds, planted tomatoes, basil & parsley as well as harvested radishes & spinach. Not a bad day.



Fresh Spinach

During our wellness hour a few students joined me for a run through the neighborhoods around school. A great way to end the day!




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