Sweet Bingo

23 05 2012

Yes, it is true this blog is about gardening. But, who doesn’t love sweets too?!

One of my classes worked hard this year to get silverware into the cafeteria for their service learning project. They held a silverware drive at school (Mr. Fuller’s class won smoothies for their efforts!). A few students sold hot chocolate before school.

Selling hot chocolate to raise money for the silverware fund.

The big event that they hosted was a Sweet Bingo. They planned the event, advertised, got everything together and successfully ran the bingo night. I am extremely proud of all the work they did and their enthusiasm (boy, do these guys have enthusiasm)!

Students took turns calling out numbers and recording them.

We wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped us make the Sweet Bingo a success.  We had some amazing sweets made for the bingo night courtesy of parent volunteers.

The Sweet Table

Beautiful sweet treats!

The PTO ran the concession stand.

Our fabulous PTO!

Joan Umbro from the Holy Savior Bingo Committee graciously donated the bingo cards, which saved us time and money!

Bingo Cards

Mrs. Glover donated her time to help us understand how to run a bingo event as well as loaning us her colorful dobbers.  Our UMF student Marissa was a great help in planning the event and even though she couldn’t join us for the bingo night, she was able to send a few classmates over to help us out!  Last, but certainly not least Island Indulgence Spa donated a $20 gift certificate that we were able to raffle off to raise even more money!  We sincerely appreciate all the help that we received.  Every contribution of time, money or items helped make the Sweet Bingo a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“Mom, please don’t pick the chocolate one!!”

We raised over $500 dollars, some of which went to buy the rest of the silverware we needed and the remaineder went to our 7th grade field trip fund, for our field trip to Bryant Pond 4-H Camp.

This past week was what the students were really looking forward to. They got to go to lunch early! If you are not in middle school, you might not understand how important this is. Due to their efforts, last week they “test drove” the silverware as well as the plates that had been ordered.  They were to set an example for the other students as well as provide feedback to our school nutrition coordinator about the plates. We all concluded that the plates did need to be a little bit bigger.  So, now we are currently using silverware in the 7th grade lunch and the rest of the school will begin when school starts next year. Great work guys!!!




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23 05 2012
Mrs. Hilton

Awesome job!

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