Trying new things….

30 04 2012

***The information in the post is from this past fall.***

One thing that is great about kids is that they are (usually) willing to try new things. I usually cook my kale, but this student wanted to test it out raw.

Sampling raw kale

Later on we also cooking up some kale chips and sampled those as well. Another thing that required tasting this year were the melons…..or at least that is what we thought they were. We were successful in growing one good sized watermelon which we ate. Although once we sliced into it, we realized that it wasn’t fully ripe as the flesh was light pink in color. It still tasted good though. The other melons were less discernible. We planted honeydew and cantaloupe. We also planted three different types of cucumbers in another area of the garden. These melons below look like they might be honeydew….but notice the oblong shape?


And the smell… was like cucumbers. Hmmmmm. We scratched our heads about this one. We tasted them and concluded that they just might be a hybrid plant…..the cumber-melon. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?!

After doing a little more research (and by research I mean asking master gardener Barbara Murphy) our cumber-melon was actually just a poorly grown melon. She thought that it might have been inconsistent watering or lack of nutrients. I would guess that it was lack of nutrients since they were grown in the new part of the garden that didn’t seem to grow much of anything last year. We are going to plant a cover crop there this year and add manure in the fall. Hopefully next summer we’ll have better luck in this part of the garden!




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