Garlic for GOOD!

27 03 2012

This fall we were lucky enough to participate in the Garlic for Good program through the UMaine Cooperative Extension.  Lucky for us Sandy Witas (a great garden supporter and master gardener herself) heard about the program and signed us up. Then she even came over and helped us plant our garlic.

Preparing to plant garlic

Preparing to plant garlic

Planting garlic

We planted three different types of garlic (Red Russian Garlic, Georgian Fire Garlic and German Extra Hardy) in two of our raised beds. We also planted some Metechi as well that we bought from Middle Interval Farm. We have had good luck with garlic in the past and hope this crop is no different. The GOOD part of Garlic for Good hints at the fact that half of our garlic crop will be donated to Harvest for Hunger.

The enthusiastic gardeners!

Today after dumping the daily compost my compost crew came back to report that almost all of the Red Russian garlic is peeking up through the soil! The lack of snow and warm weather seems to have cause lots of plants to come out early. Even though it is cold out this week, it is nice to see this sign of spring! Enjoy!


Red Russian Garlic





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