Before vacation….

2 01 2012

Some updates from before vacation……

Mrs. Mac’s Homeroom ….

Row Covers-We measured the rows in the garden and we don’t know if we will have enough row cover. Now we are trying think of ideas for fundraising. Next time we meet we will decide which vegetables are most important to grow.

Worm People-Today the “worm people” continued to work on the brochure we added more info + made a whole section for steps. Next class our goal is to finish our rough draft and finish editing.

Vermicompost Bin Builders-We have been looking up what products we would use for making a vermicompost bin. So far, we have two 10 gallon bins. A hand Drill, a screen, white paper/ paper bags, and shredded paper. Then we looked up the Red worm Price. 1000 worms eat a pound, 1000 worms is about 20$

Ms. Mac’s Homeroom….

Compost in the Classroom -Today our group went to count how many rooms there is to get the compost count for buckets. We also worked on seeing how much buckets are, and how many we need. Next time we have a service learning day we plan on working on signs for the buckets and adding up the cost for buckets

Compost Handlers- We are still working on our brochure and hope to get it done soon





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