Vermicomposting and Row Covers

15 12 2011

Mrs. MacFarlane’s homeroom narrowed their projects down to two: vermicomposting and row covers. Since both of these topics were new to us, we spent the last two weeks researching and gathering information. Today we broke down into groups and started to assign tasks and plan.

Worm People-We are making a brochure about how to vermicompost. When we finish, we will revise and edit the brochure. Next we weill make a final copy.

Bin Design and Building Group-Today we watched a video. We learned that one pound of worms  can eat 1/2 of food a day.

Row Cover Group– The row cover you showed us was 42 1/2 feet by 11 inches. It might not be enough in width.

The row covers can be left on all year.

Garden fabric is made to protect from frost.




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