Organic Matter and the Lunch Project

15 12 2011

Mrs. Hilton’s homeroom really, REALLY wanted to have animals in order to add organic matter to the garden. However, that plan wasn’t approved…, we have one group working on how to add organic matter to the garden. The other group decided to take up a project that was presented to us by Mrs. LaPointe, our school nutrition coordinator. She wants to use MVMS as a pilot site for testing out real silverware and plates! Although this project does not involve live chickens, the students are pretty excited about the idea of reducing our environmental impact (and maybe a little excited about getting to try out the silverware and plates first to demonstrate 🙂 )  Here are their reports!

Lunch Project Fundraising Group-Today we thought of doing a fundraiser for next week. Starting on Thursday and have a bake sale, selling the goodies in the morning before school starts and after 2:25pm. The money will go to the silverware for the cafeteria and we will be talking to Mr. Casey and Mr.Cayer. My mom is great at making delicious treats!! 🙂
Sincerely, Tori, Kenzie, Rheanna, Brent and Brianna!

Lunch Project – Today in science class we counted the forks, spoons and knifes for our service learning day. After we counted them we wrapped them up in tape so they did get mixed up again. Our next service learning day we our going to finish wrapping up the forks, spoons, and knifes
~ abby, emiy, eddie, brittany, and parker

Organic Matter Groups-  Today in science class we worked on figuring out a plan to get the kitchen staff involved with helping us out with the compost project for the garden.      -Renae & Baylee

We worked in the garden to find the measurements and sent an email about the manure for the garden.  -Ty & Jake




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