Compost Service Learning Update

11 12 2011

My homeroom has taken on the challenge of implementing a composting program at our school in order to create compost for our garden.  This was a project that was started last year by one of the 7th grade homerooms.  Last year we had a grant from KIDS Consortium and we used some of the funds to build the frame of the compost bin.  One group of students is working with Mr. Radmore to finish that up. The class is currently broken up into groups, each with a specific task to accomplish. I asked them to explain what they did today as well as a goal for this coming week. Currently, we are going to be working on our service learning project on Fridays. We’ll try to keep this up to date so check back again!

Education Group- Today my group finished our slide & posters. We also schedualed out what days we will present and hang up posters 🙂

Compost IN the Classroom Group-Today our group went around the school and asked some of the teachers what their opinion on a composting bucket in their classroom was.  Most all of them said YES!!!!!!! Our plan for next week is to find out how many buckets we are going to need for the whole school. — Ethan, Caleb, Jill, Makayla, and Liza

Compost Handler Group–  We are working on a brochure to tell the next 7th grade kids what you need know and what you should compost –Jesse, Donovan, & Kaleb

Bin Builders-The compost bin that we are finishing was started last year and we are hoping to finish it this year. So far we’ve got the chicken wire in the middle to separate the three different bins, as you can see in the picture below. Next week we are going to finish the bin by wrapping the rest of the chicken wire around the compost bin.  We’ll take a picture of the bin when we finish. –Andrew, Joey, and Joseph.

Compost Bin




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