30 09 2011

In science class we have been learning about composting. Did you know that there is at least 163 things can be composted? Of course I’m not going to list them all but I will list a few. Pine needles, lint from clothes and from behind the dryer, potato & apple peelings, hay, grass, leaves, pet & human hair, and wood chips but I think the most important thing to know is what you can’t compost toxic materials, colored paper, ashes, coal, and greasy food and fried food. If one day you wanted to make your soil better for your plants then think of composting. It’s cheap and environmentally safe because all you need is water, air, greens, browns and of course soil. If you don’t know what greens and browns are then let me tell you. They are the things that you add to the compost. Greens are things that have more nitrogen in them and browns have more carbon. Examples of greens would be fresh grass clippings, and apple peelings or cores and an example of a brown would be dead brown leaves. These are some things we have learned about composting.

Our Compost Bucket




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7 11 2011

Thanks Megan for a great post!

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