Evening in the Garden

1 08 2011

Our second evening in the garden was a great success thanks to the ladies from Girl Talk (a week long program run @ MVHS for students entering high school). These fabulous ladies came over and gardened up a storm and did an excellent job of making dinner too. They even brought over an herb soup and a watermelon soup (cold soup on a hot day is wonderful!). If I get a link to those recipes I’ll post them because they were great!  We made an Asian Salad Dressing and a Sunshine Salad.

Salad Fixings

Salad Fixings

We made some  minor adjustments to this recipe, using lettuce instead of spinach, since that was what we had available in the garden. We also added sunflower seeds, strawberries, and hard-boiled eggs. In addition to all that yummy food we also had rolls that were fresh out of the oven from No View Farm which the girls LOVED! (Check out the link for a list of all the great stuff they bake over @ the farm!)

One thing I love about being a teacher is getting the opportunity to learn from my students and this night was no exception. Cheyenne was put in charge of cutting the cucumbers for the salad and that is when we noticed her doing this…..

Cucumber Trick

Of course I had to know what she was doing….and she was surprised that I didn’t know (although I wasn’t the only one).  She said that this was something she learned from her grandmother. You cut the end off of the cucumber and then proceed to rub the two cut ends together. This produces all that white stuff you see, which you then rinse off.  She told us that this gets rid of that bitter flavor at the end of the cucumbers. Whoa. Seriously? I don’t know about you but I found this fascinating.  Needless to say I used the technique next time I ate cucumbers! Try it.




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