27 06 2011

School ends.  I relax and then realize I have a backlog of things to write and post! Oops!

We had a great productive planting day with students a few weeks back! We planted lots of squash, tomatoes, basil and a few other things. Then, we had a heat wave….and no water.

New plants + heat wave + no water = dead plants : (  Not good.

Heat wave takes a toll.

I’m kind of glad I forgot didn’t take many pictures that day because the death toll makes me sad to think about! We are currently working on our water issue and thus have to give a big shout out to Bruce & David, our wonderful custodians for turning our sprinklers on and off for us over the summer!! THANK YOU!!!

So, we lost a lot of plants. Luckily Annette Marin of No View Farm offered up some replacements! She donated cabbage, tomatoes and basil!

Donated red cabbage from No View Farm.

Yay! I had a few fabulous helpers that day who planted our new plants. We mulched and watered them really well!


We even got our new sign up! The art club made it last year but, with the garden move we didn’t get it put up until now. It looks fabulous. Thanks so much to Mrs. Zemla and her students for working on and completing our cool carrot!

Pre-drilling the holes.

Cool Carrot

To the left of the carrot you can see that we had radishes ready to eat before school let out. Yum!




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