Potato Towers

10 06 2011

Last week Ms. Drapeau’s class came out to the garden to lend a helping hand. We continued the dirt and mulch moving.

Spreading mulch and filling the raised beds with soil.

We planted more carrots and onions as well. The most exciting thing that we did was create and plant our potato towers. Apparently as the plants grow you add more straw and compost and the plants continue to grow up inside the wire cages. This uses vertical space, looks pretty cool and when you are ready to harvest you just open the cages and the potatoes are right there. In theory it seems like a good idea. Looking around the web I have seen good reviews and bad reviews of this process. So, our potato towers are a little bit of a science experiment. We’ll let you know how they turn out in the fall when we harvest. We planted Kennebec and a few Adirondack Blue potatoes.

Potatoes at the bottom of the potato tower.

Covering the potatoes with soil.





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