Wild Weather

2 06 2011

Today was the second day of the River Valley unit and the 7th grade was going to be going canoeing, biking, hiking, taking pictures, going to Kawanhee and working in the garden. About five minutes before the bell rang this is what it looked like outside!

Wednesday's Wild Weather

Talk about ominous clouds. Our plan for outdoor activities was quickly scratched! However, just as quickly as the clouds, thunder, and lightening came, they headed on past. In the afternoon some 7th graders joined me to create some pathways and beds in the new tilled area. Montana helped us out by using the tractor to move the rest of the wood mulch. He made light work of what would have taken us quite a long time! Thanks!

Then when I was about to leave school I learned that there was a TORNADO WARNING for the area spanning from my house to school. I decided to wait it out a little bit longer since I wasn’t too excited about running into a tornado in my car!  Check out this picture taken in Bryant Pond. Hopefully, tomorrow’s weather will be more tame!




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