Moving Day #2

25 05 2011

Two weeks ago we had a beautiful day to work on the garden (before all of this rain!)! All of Mrs. Grimaldi’s health classes joined in the fun (although I’m sure some of them might not use that work to describe it!).  We measured, leveled, hauled, shoveled, dumped, planted, dug, raked, watered….and probably a few other things too! It was a full day but we got a good amount of work accomplished. Thanks for all your great help guys.

Dumping soil into the raised bed

Ms. Browne’s advisor group came out to plant the blueberry bushes that I picked up at Fedco last week.  They raised the money from their activity night to help support the garden.

Digging the holes for the blueberry bushes

Watering the blueberry bushes

After watering the blueberry bushes, we mulched them with the wood chips that were donated by Lucas Tree. The sun even came out after lunch for the last two lucky groups.

Thumbs up for good work!

Great work!




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