Moving day….or at least the start of it!

19 05 2011

Well, things are getting underway here at MVMS.  We made the decision last year to move the garden from its current location closer to the school. This way it will be easier to use and more accessible for everyone (no more soaking shoes walking through the field in the morning 🙂 ).  This is a pretty big undertaking but will be worth the effort in the long run!

Mrs. Grimaldi’s health classes started off the move by doing a little heavy lifting to work on their muscles! We pried up the raised beds and moved them closer to their new destination. Then Mrs. Glover’s advisor group helped to stack and organized them so they are out of the way for the time being.

moving the garden beds

We then walked to the butterfly garden, which is planted around the school sign and did a little sprucing up (weeding and clipping old growth). It looks lovely! Thanks for all the great work guys!

cleaning up the butterfly garden

Inside we had 8 different advisor groups starting seeds, everything from cantaloupe to zinnias.  Finally, before the day was over I went out and measured and staked out the new garden which will get tilled next week.

the new garden space




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