Last Season…..

9 04 2011

I realized I never summed up our gardening season…..well if I had to pick one word it would be AMAZING! Really!  Although in comparison to the prior miserable, rainy, blight ridden summer this past summer was bound to be good! We did a much better job at getting things in the ground at the appropriate times (much thanks to Barbara Murphy @ the Oxford Hills Cooperative Extension) and using our space wisely.  More classrooms were involved in getting the garden planted than in past years and we had far more produce as well!  My students did their best to keep track of all the produce and would weigh it before we took it down to the cafeteria. Mind you, not everything was weighed as some was consumed on spot or went home with folks during the summer and never made its way to the classroom weigh station.

2010 Harvest Data

Our biggest producer of the season (based on weight alone) was….

drum roll please……

Winter Squash @ 83 lbs (big surprise, right?)

coming in a close second place…..

Tomatoes @ 71.3 lbs

and third place belongs to one of our favorites…..

Carrots @ 42.5 lbs


What else did we harvest? Well, I’ll give you the run down…….

12 lbs of basil, 30 lbs of cucumbers, 3.8 lbs of garlic/garlic scapes, 18 lbs of green beans, 0.6 lbs of hot peppers, 2 lbs of lettuce, 13.6 lbs of onions, 2 lbs of radish, 1 lb of swiss chard, 9 lbs of tomatillos,  7 lbs of zucchini and of course other thing like herbs and flowers. We definitely produced  more than this but this was the majority of what was actually weighted and went to the cafeteria. Not bad, huh?






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