A Frenzy of Local Food

1 10 2010

Two weeks ago several students and I took part in The Fantastic Feeding Frenzy put on by Telstar’s G.O.T. Farms? group.  During the morning we toured local school and community gardens in the area with other interested students.  After each stop we talked about what we liked best about each garden. After visiting Gould Academy our students decided we needed horses, sheep, rabbits and chickens. I tried to explain that I didn’t think that I could add a horse to my science budget.  Undeterred by my comment they told me that I could just tell the principal that it would provide fertilizer for the garden. (Hmm, good argument…but expensive fertilizer!). One of our favorite stops was Buckfield’s gourd cave where we were served local milk and fabulous homemade pumpkin cookies!  At Alan Day Community Garden we got our hands dirty digging in the steaming pile of wood chips.  The students also enjoyed the smells of lavender and rosemary. Continuing on our bus tour we stopped at the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and got to see their new greenhouse and resident rabbit. The students even got to feed the chickens before we got to feed ourselves!  Finally, we arrived back at Telstar and briefly visited their garden with their lovely painted signs before we were whisked inside to start the cooking frenzy!   We joined the other students and community volunteers inside and began chopping veggies. All of the produce was donated from school gardens like ours and other local sources.  We moved tables, chopped  veggies, set up chairs,  chopped more veggies,  peeled apples and tried to chop onions without crying!  Everyone worked so hard and the night went off without a hitch. The food was yummy and we had a great turn out for the community supper! By the end of the night we were all extremely tired but satisfied with our work. Thanks go to Melissa Prescott for organizing the event and all the other schools and volunteers who made it possible. Thanks for a great day!




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