Summer in full swing!

12 08 2010

The garden is in full bloom right now. We have beautiful flowers that were donated by Foxgloves and Daisies in Andover as well as the sunflowers that Mr. Tachney’s class planted this spring!

Yesterday I ran into two former students while checking on the garden and was able to send them home with heads of lettuce and banana peppers. We also ate a few cherry tomatoes while we checked out what was growing in the garden!

The summer program students from Meroby were a great help in the garden this summer. They planted lots of beans, helped weed and harvested basil.  We also have to give a shout out to the middle school summer school kids who helped maintain the garden this summer! They helped water, weed and plant. They will also enjoy the benefits of the garden when school starts and they get to see the fruits of their labor on their lunch plate! Yum!

Hope everyone is enjoying this last bit of summer before school starts!




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