Summer is here!

27 06 2010

Well, the school year has ended. We had great end of the year and fun last week with a field day, hike to the ledges and a trip to the skate park for lunch.  We also got lots done in the garden. All the plants were transplanted and depending on what they are are looking ok (cilantro) to great (basil and onions) right now!  One thing I have learned is that we need to start our seeds earlier than recommended and be more diligent with transplanting them.  Some of our seedlings looked a little puny, others looked great. I guess it is all a learning experience!

I have many more pictures to post but alas, they are not on my newly updated computer so you will have to wait until I go to school next week and get my photo files back. However, when I stopped at school last week I was impressed with how great our butterfly garden looked!  We planned and planted the butterfly garden in the fall, using plants recommended by the Maine Cooperative Extension.  The butterfly garden was funded by HSBC in the Community as part of the Earthwatch Expedition I attended last year.  The only thing that was added to the garden this spring was  asclepias which are in the milkweed family (a must for monarchs).  These beautiful flowers were donated by Mike Murphy of Wake Robin Nursery. I happened to stop by when he was working on the amazing butterfly/kids garden at the Oxford Extension office and he offered me some of his extra plants as well as answered my many questions. He is incredibly knowledgeable about plants!  Thanks to all those that have helped make this garden look beautiful!




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