Where should we start…..

19 05 2010

There has been lots of activity in the garden lately, but no updates on the blog. Sorry about that. I got stuck on the fact that my students made a great video, and we could just not get it to upload. We toiled over it for quite awhile. We tried many different things, and have just come to realized that it won’t upload unless we get a video membership. Drats! So, if you are interested in videos on how to plant seeds or how to transplant seedlings send me and email and I will get them to you.

What are we growing?! Lots!! Many advisor groups are currently growing and caring for seedlings such as, tomatoes, hot peppers, zinnias, cosmos, melon, nasturtium, marigold, basil, parsley and tomatillos.

Garden volunteers have planted rows of radish and spinach. The 6th grade science classes started lettuce, spinach and swiss chard, which have all been transplanted out.  One class even got caught out in a downpour while planting! Good work crew!

This week, MacMillan and Whipple’s advisor groups are working on creating stick structures for the garden. The Meroby after school program kids will be creating a scarecrow to keep those pesky crows away.  Ms. Scott and Mrs. Cormier’s students spent time weeding and watering. The garden volunteers worked on moving soil to create pathways in the large bed.

Are you interested in helping? This week we could plant carrots and we also need to move more soil to get the large bed ready for planting! Other ideas? See me!




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